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The 13 Most Incredible Music Festivals In South America

South America is probably not the first area you think of when considering popular locations for music festivals.

After all, so much of the attention is focused on European or U.S. music festivals. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that other parts of the world have a vibrant music scene as well.

There are actually so many music festivals to enjoy in South America Not only that, but there is beautiful scenery and culture to enjoy while traveling through any South American country.

I’ve been living in Colombia for the past few months, and in this time, I’ve come to fall in love with my first glimpse of this country and continent. Between the incredibly kind people, amazing food, breathtaking cities, and expansive wilderness, there’s a lot to see.

Photo from Comuna 13 neighborhood, Medellin, Colombia.

Plus, when it comes to music and dance culture, it’s hard to rival Latin flare.

In other words, if you ever visit this continent, you need to take some time to enjoy the things that make this part of the world so incredible. Continue reading below to learn more about the best South American music festivals that you absolutely need to see in your lifetime.

1. Personal Fest

Personal Fest has been occurring for sixteen years, and is one of the more recognizable music festivals in South America.

The festival hosts some of the top names in international music, as well as local Argentinian and South American musical acts. Join the excitement of live music, gaming setups and cultural experiences if you’re in Buenos Aires during this time!

Personal Fest 2020 Lineup: Lorde, Robbie Williams, Rayos Laser, Potra, On Off, Warpaint, Death Cab for Cutie, Mercury REV and many more.

Personal Fest 2020 Dates: Buenos Aires November 10-11, 2020, Cordoba October 6, 2020, Asuncion November 8, 2020.

Locations: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Argentina and Asuncion, Paraguay.

Attendance: 55,000.

2020 Personal Fest Ticket Prices: General admission tickets range from 2,220 pesos for single day to 150,000 pesos for Asuncion general. There’s quite a few ticket prices for this festival, so check out more details on the official festival website.


2. Lollapalooza Chile

Lollapalooza is probably the most well recognized of the South American music festivals on the list. It is the Chilean edition of the famous Lollapalooze Chicago Music Festival, and it is now in its tenth year.

Chile is one of the safest countries to visit in South America, and this festival hosts some of the biggest names in music; so this is a show you do not want to miss!

Lollapalooza Chile 2020 Lineup: Guns N’ Roses, Lana Del Ray, Travis Scott, Gwen Stefani, Cage the Elephant, A Day to Remember, Kacey Musgraves and many, many more.

Lollapalooza Chile 2020 Dates: March 27-29, 2020.

Location: Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile.

Attendance: 200,000.

2020 Lollapalooza Chile Ticket Prices: General 1 Day 85,000 pesos, general 3 Day 175,000 pesos.


3. Festival Estereo Picnic

Festival Estereo Picnic is one of the largest music festivals in South America that is held in the capital city of Colombia, Bogota.

International and regional musicians come to celebrate at this festival of multiple genres, including rock, hip-hop, pop and EDM. This is a three day festival that offers camping, so be sure to pack and ready for yourself for this adventure.

Obviously, I’m a bit biased and really love Colombia, so I definitely recommend prioritizing this South American music festival if it makes you visit this beautiful country.

Festival Estereo Picnic 2020 Lineup: Wu-Tang Clan, Vampire Weekend, Cage the Elephant, Rita Ora and many more.

Festival Estereo Picnic 2020 Dates: April 3-5, 2020.

Location: Campo de Golf Briceno, Bogota, Colombia.

Attendance: 63,000.

2020 Festival Estereo Picnic Ticket Prices: General 1 Day $105-$110, General 3 Day $224.


4. Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is an internationally scoped music festival that spans many countries in South America.

The main Ultra event is in Miami, Florida, but the excitement continues around the world and South America. This is a legendary music festival with some of the top international names in electronic dance music, for legendary dance nights you do not want to miss.

If you want to vibe out to some of the best dance music in the world, this is the festival for you.

Ultra Music Festival 2020 Lineups: No official lineups have been announced yet, but previous years have hosted Alesso, David Guetta and many more.

Ultra Music Festival 2020 Dates: Fall 2020, no specific dates have been announced as of yet.

Locations: Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Lima, Peru, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Medellin, Colombia, Quito, Ecuador, Santiago, Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Asuncion, Paraguay.

Attendance: 170,000 at the main event.

2020 Ultra Music Festival Ticket Prices: No ticket prices have been announced as of yet.


5. Rock in Rio

If you’ve never been to a concert or music festival before, then this is the one to go to. Be sure you energize yourself to prepare for this exhilarating, week long event as the city of Rio indulges in amazing music and incredible nightlife.

See some of the top names in music, as any musician that is at the top of the charts may make an appearance!

While you’re in Rio, make sure to enjoy some of the other stunning experiences in the city. Attend a football match, try Brazilian food, see the Christ the Redeemer statue, and explore everything you can.

Rock in Rio 2020 Lineup: The Black Eyed Peas, Camila Cabello, Foo Fighters, The National, Duran Duran, Post Malone, and many more.

Rock in Rio 2020 Dates: September 2020.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Attendance: 1,500,000

2020 Rock in Rio Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for the Rio de Janeiro event have not yet been announced.


6. Universo Paralello

Universo Paralello is one of the most unique music festivals in South America. The focus of the festival is on promoting peace and unity and is experienced at a very remote location on Pratigi Beach, Brasil.

There seems to be no sign of life during most of the year at the beach, but it explodes into a massive festival and rave at the end of every year to something you have to see for yourself.

Plus, if you’re a fan of beach life, this festival vibe is something you need to check out.

Universo Paralello 2020 Lineup: The lineup for the end of this year has not yet been announced, but the show from the end of last year and beginning of this year had Mad Tribe, Burn in Noise, Waio and many more.

Universo Paralello 2020 Dates: The dates for the festival earlier this year were January 1-3, 2020. There will be another event towards the end of the year that extends into 2021.

Location: Pratigi Beach, Bahia, Brasil,

Attendance: 20,000.

2020 Universo Paralello Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for the end of the year festival have not yet been announced.


7. Festival Bananada

You need to get your energy up for the week long Festival Bananada. The festival is in the effort of supporting independent artists, supporting both local and international musicians.

The vibrant art, culture and food of Brasil is also showcased during the week to ensure you are able to truly experience the country.

Festival Bananada 2020 Lineup: The 2020 lineup has not yet been announced, but 2019 included Black Alien, Lucas Manga and many more.

Festival Bananda 2020 Dates: August 17-23, 2020

Location: Goiana, Brasil.

Attendance: Thousands.

2020 Festival Bananada Ticket Prices: Ticket prices have not yet been announced.


8. Envision Festival

Though technically in Central America, it is worth remarking on Envision Festival in Costa Rica. The focus of this festival is healthy living with environmental sustainability sessions, yoga sessions and art sessions.

The music is not to miss, however, with multi-sensory experiences through international and local superstars.

Envision is one of the smaller music festivals in South America. However, it’s still worth adding to your list if you plan on visiting Costa Rica, especially if you love the beach, yoga, and overall amazing vibes!

Envision Festival 2020 Lineup: Rufus Du Sol, Tipper, CloZee, The Funk Hunters, Goldcap, Forever Jung, Kora and many more.

Envision Festival 2020 Dates: February 17-24, 2020. Though this year’s dates have passed, be on the lookout for the 2021 dates.

Location: Rancho La Merced, La Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica.

Attendance: 8,000.

2020 Envision Festival Ticket Prices: General 3 Day $369, General 1 Day $129. Ticket prices may change for 2021.


9. Rio Music Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is known for partying, so the Rio Music Carnival could not have asked for a better place to have as a venue.

This is one of the largest EDM festivals in Brazil that occurs throughout three nights into the early morning hours. Be sure to get lots of rest before attending this insane 3 day festival that is packed with incredible music and wild nightlife.

Some of EDM’s biggest names are shown at this lively, action-packed music festival, so take a look at the official lineup and decide if it’s the right festival for you.

Rio Music Carnival 2020 Lineup: Vini Vici, Timmy Trumpet, Gabe, KVSH, Loud Luxury, and many more.

Rio Music Carnival 2020 Dates: February 23-25, 2020; be on the lookout for 2021 dates!

Location: Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Attendance: 2,000,000.

2020 Rio Music Carnival Ticket Prices: The 2020 event has already occurred, and no prices have yet been announced for next year’s event.


10. Asuncionico Festival

Asuncionico Festival brings some of the top names in music in multiple genres to the Paraguayan city of Asuncion.

This South American festival is known as the mother of all festivals that have days filled with music and art exhibitions that you have to experience for yourself.

This is the largest music festival in Paraguay that you absolutely do not want to miss out on this year. Plus, it gives you a reason to visit Paraguay, which is never a bad thing!

Asuncionico Festival 2020 Lineup: The Strokes, Lana Del Ray, Martin Garrix, Cage the Elephant, The Lumineers, Mocasinos, Kita Pena and many more great international and up-and-coming artists.

Asuncionico Festival 2020 Dates: March 31-April 7, 2020.

Location: Jockey Club, Asuncion, Paraguay.

2020 Asuncionico Festival Ticket Prices: General 2 Day 350,000 Guarani, VIP 2 Day 360,000 Guarani, The Lounge 2 Day 1,350,000 Guarani.


11. Selvamonos Festival

Selvamonos Festival is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and original South American music festivals.

This festival occurs in the beautiful country of Peru, with rich jungle vegetation surrounding the event grounds. This festival has been occurring for twelve years and has been featuring some of the largest names in international music since its inception.

There are also art events such as art exhibits, film screenings and theater showings. This is an event you have to experience for yourself to experience the beauty and diverse culture of Peru.

I definitely recommend taking extra time off work to attend this event and also do some hiking/sight-seeing in Peru!

Selvamonos Festival 2020 Lineup: The lineup has yet to be announced for this year’s event.

Selvamonos Festival 2020 Dates: June 27-28, 2020.

Location: Funda Cemayu, Oxapampa, Peru.

Attendance: 30,000.

2020 Selvamonos Ticket Prices: Full Jungle 109 Sol, General 59 Sol.


12. Last Music Festival

Last, which stands for “Latin America Sound Trading”, music festival is a celebration of electronic dance music of all forms and genres.

This festival has not happened for three years, so the excitement is sure to be present for the 2020 event. It is expected that the festival will be bigger and livelier than ever, encouraging the rave of your lifetime.

Book your tickets now to have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Last Music Festival 2020 Lineup: The lineup for the 2020 event has not yet been announced, but previous artists have included Kfau, Dennis Armijos BTB Set Collins, and many more.

Last Music Festival 2020 Dates: Specific dates have not yet been announced, but it is assumed that the event will be in August 2020.

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Attendance: Thousands.

2020 Last Music Festival Ticket Prices: Ticket prices have not yet been announced.


13. La Solar Festival

While La Solar is just a single-day festival, this event brings together an incredible mix of international and local artists in the wonderful city of Medellin, Colombia.

Split between 4 stages at the welcoming venue of Parque Norte, this festival is easily accessible if you are staying in Medellin.

Expect a solid mix of rap, EDM, dance music, and house music from a wide variety of artists when attending La Solar. Also, make sure to visit more of Medellin after you’ve attended La Solar!

La Solar Festival 2020 Lineup: Above and Beyond, Chet Faker, Sech, Sofi Tukker, Sam Feldt, Hot Leche, System Solar, and more.

La Solar 2021 Dates: The 2020 festival has passed, but La Solar usually runs in February.

Location: Medellin, Colombia.

Attendance: Thousands.

2021 La Solar Festival Ticket Prices: Ticket prices have not yet been announced. Previous years were around 200,000 Colombian Pesos for general admission.

Chilling at La Solar.

Final Thoughts

When visiting beautiful South America, a music festival may not be the first thing you think of to put on your itinerary.

However, there are many wonderful music festivals in South America that encompass all genres of music. Festivals on this continent have an awesome mixture of international and Latin headliners, so you’re sure to enjoy a wide variety of music at any of these events.

Use the above list of South American music festivals to help you find one to enjoy during your next trip to South America. Buy tickets early so you don’t miss out, and be sure to also explore the actual city you’re staying in as well.

Festivals are really just one type of experience you can have when traveling. Don’t be afraid to try something new and to make the most out of your time in this beautiful part of the world.

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